Carlo ZAULI Ceramic panel L 184 W 45 cm

                                                 Carlo Zauli Ceramic panel L 184 W 45 cm

Carlo Zauli (1926-2002) is one of the great names in post-war Italian sculpture.

Born in Faenza, he enrolled at the age of 11 in the Royal Institute of Ceramic Art. When he graduated, Zauli was practically preordained to become one of Faenza’s next majolica masters. After winning major awards for his ceramics in the 1950s, the artist evolved from being a potter to becoming a sculptor without ever neglecting his origins. During the 1960’s, his artistic style matured. Instead of ornate platters and decorative vases, his work seemed to have emerged from the earth itself, with organic curves, jagged edges, cracks and fissures that reflected the artist’s keen connection with nature.

His works is now exhibited in 40 museums and public collections worldwide.