Lithograph by Hans Hartung, 1973, France, Signed, HC, H 107 cm L 135 cm

Born into an artistic family, he studied at the Fine Arts academy of Dresden. In 1926, he saw for the first time modern French and Spanish works, which made him move to Paris, where he met artists such as Kandinsky,  Mondrian,  Miró, and Calder.

In 1947 he had his first solo exhibition in Paris. By the late 1950s he had achieved recognition for his gestural paintings, which were nearly monochromatic and characterized by long rhythmical brushstrokes or scratches. His work took on a more sculptural quality in the 1960s as he began to scratch lines into blocks of color in his paintings.

Awarded the Guggenheim prize (1956), and the International Prize for Painting at the Venice Biennale (1960). He continued to paint and exhibit his work internationally until his death in 1989. He died as one of the most important painters of the European Informel.