Bronze sculpture by Fred Brouard, signed and numbered 2/8, France, c. 1970, H 36 W 53 cm
Bronze male bust, France, circa 1970, H 28 W 26 cm
Bronze sculpture by Adevor, signed and dated 1981, France, H 23 cm.
Marble sculpture by Viliano Tarabella “L’invitation au voyage”, signed, Italy, circa 1980, H 60 W 52
Bronze sculpture by Emile Gilioli, France, 1946, signed and numbered 5/5, Fonderia Tesconi Pietrasanta, H 46 L 46 W 25 cm
Plexiglass disc sculpture by Jean Claude Farhi, France, circa 1970, Diam. 57cm
Castor & Pollux silver candlesticks by Salvador Dali, France, 1975, numbered 586/2000, H 30cm
“L’oiseau mysterieux” bronze sculpture by Emile Gilioli, France, 1967, signed and numbered 1/5, H 25cm
Bronze sunflowers by Hermine Anthoine, France, 2009, H 160 to 240 cm
Sculpture by Marcello Fantoni, iron and travertino, Italy, circa 1960, H 63 cm
Sculpture by Jean Lambert Rucki, (Galerie Jacques Devos) Blanchet fondeur, bronze, signed and numbered 1/8, H 29 cm
Bronze sculpture by Franchina, Italy, 1949, signed Franchina 40, H 14 W 30 L 25 cm
Mahogany sculpture, circa 1950, H 58 cm
Carrara marble sculpture by Mircea Milkovitch, France, circa 1970, H 65 W 30 D 10 cm
1970 Mobile by Francois Collet
Mobile by Francois Collette, France, circa 1970, H 104cm L 140cm
Curtis Jere Flame sculpture, brass, aluminium and painted metal, black marble base, (Original label on the base) USA, circa 1970, H 70 cm
“Un Corps” Marble sculpture by Andre Bregnard, 1975, H 26 L 50 W 40 cm
Marble Sculpture by Nardo Dunchi, Italy, H 51 cm
Wooden bowl, France, circa 1950, L 56 W 46 H 30 cm
Aluminum Sculpture, France, circa 1970, H 41 L 40 W 40 cm
Surreal exotic wood sculpture, France, circa 1930, H 70 cm
Steel sculpture by Machat, France, 2002, unique piece, 240 cm
Antonio Valmaggi untitled metal sculpture, Italy, circa 1970, H 100 cm
Antonio Valmaggi untitled metal sculpture, Italy, circa 1970, H 100 cm
Olive tree wood sculpture, France, circa 1950, H 71 cm
Glass shark, signed and dated 1965, L 62 cm
Bobo mask, Burkina Faso, Early Twentieh, H 46 W 21 cm